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Sunsear: Avian Combat Mk I


Take back the skies in your gunship while building up your arsenal!

Sunsear: Avian Combat: Mk I is a vertical scrolling shoot-em-up and roguelite game where you play as a blue macaw piloting a tiny gunship. Weave around bullets and upgrade your arsenal to bring down enemy planes, terrifying corporate mechs, and any other monsters serving the evil Soledad World Order. All while touring the biospheres of South America.

Key Features

Gameplay description and setting & synopsis

Aspired by Tyrian 2000, the 90s story-based shooter, Sunsear: Avian Combat: Mk I takes the story-segmented, vertical-scrolling action and applies this engaging formula to the thrilling adventures of Arino Fyre, a bird with cybernetic implants granting him the dexterity and intellect of a human.

There are 8 stages which take places in the many different biospheres in South America. Arino’s ship, the Sunsear IV, is equipped with an arsenal that transforms the metallic aircraft and machines of the evil Soledad World Order into floating “seeds”. Aborption allows the Sunsear IV to gain access to new, more powerful abilities.

Along with these abilities, crates and other Soledad equipment can grant the Sunsear IV temporary abilities like the titanic Mega Laser or the impenetrable Wrecking Shield.

Visual Assets of Sunsear: Avian Combat