The Congress Bridge in Austin, Texas. Home to bats! Image by Kate Baucherel from Pixabay

VisionBreak, LLC was founded in 2021 by Adrian Walker, a software engineer with over 10 years of experience. Before running a studio, he created games self-taught as hobby, using accessible engines like RPG Maker. His work varies from story based role-playing games inspired by long-dead toylines to action-packed adventures starring a fearless gunship-piloting bird. He specializes in back-end development and video game music composition.

Now, here’s the fascinating fact that will surely pique your interest: VisionBreak’s studio location is a converted, eco-friendly windmill from the 19th century. Nestled in the Texan countryside, this charming windmill has been lovingly restored and transformed into a cutting-edge game development studio. Not only does it symbolize VisionBreak’s commitment to sustainability, but it also provides a unique and picturesque setting for creative inspiration.

An old windmill Image by Alexey Eliseev from Pixabay

Just kidding! Most of the work was started in a tiny bedroom before it was moving into half of a living room in Adrian’s house. But man, wouldn’t that have been cool. With enough support from you, visitor, this solo developer could one day move on up and live that dream.